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Certificate for Participants has been issued to those participant those who attended the conference only (for 13th and 14th March 2023). If you attended only for one day, you are not entitled for the certificate.

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Certificate No.Full NameInstitution/Organization
2023-NCRDMC23-001Muhammad RoshanMNNIT Allahabad
2023-NCRDMC23-002Dr Robert Sanglora KhawbungGovt Hnahthial College
2023-NCRDMC23-003Ms. Panchalika DuttaMizoram University
2023-NCRDMC23-004Mr. Josef LalhruaitluangaMizoram University
2023-NCRDMC23-005Mr. Samuel LalhriatpuiaMSeGS
2023-NCRDMC23-006Kalu Ram SharmaUniversity of Rajasthan, Jaipur
2023-NCRDMC23-007Suman SharmaUniversity of Rajasthan, Jaipur
2023-NCRDMC23-009Mr. LaldinpuiaMizoram University
2023-NCRDMC23-010Ms. Puspita PaulTezpur University
2023-NCRDMC23-011Ms. Joan LaldinpuiiMizoram University
2023-NCRDMC23-012Mr. Sajal Kanti DasMizoram University
2023-NCRDMC23-013Ms. VanlalchhandamiMizoram University
2023-NCRDMC23-014Ms. LalruatpuiiMizoram University
2023-NCRDMC23-015Ms. Jenny LallawmzualiMizoram University
2023-NCRDMC23-016Zenith OinamMizoram University
2023-NCRDMC23-017Ms. K.LalnunsiamiMizoram University
2023-NCRDMC23-018Ms. VanlalkroshluiGovt Champhai College

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