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Library Rules

Library Timing : 10:00 A.M – 4:00 P.M on all Working days.

The followings are the members of the College Library.

  1. All Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff.
  2. All Regular Students of the College.
  1. Books/Documents are the property of Govt. Champhai College.
  2. The member shall not sub-lend the books issued from the Library.
  3. Reference books, Rare books, unbound Periodicals, Newspapers are not allowed to be borrowed except with the permission of the Librarian.
  4. In case of loss or damage of books the borrower should replace it in kind or in cash by paying double the price of the lost book.
  5. If the books are not returned on due date, an overdue charge of ₹ 1.00 INR per day will be charged.
  6. The Librarian may recall any book borrowed by any member at any time
  7. Circulation Counter will be closed at 3:00 P.M
  8. The reader should keep silence in the Library.
  9. Use of Mobile phone inside the library is not allowed.
  10. Library Attendant is authorized to search any users if it is suspected that the user is carrying unauthorized documents from the Library.
  11. Library members are not allowed to use others’ Library Card to avoid problems on overdue charge and loss.i.e Library membership and library Card is not transferable.
  1. All personal belongings must be kept at the property counter.
  2. Pets, Food and drinks should not be brought inside the Library.
  3. Library I.D should be brought at the time of borrowing.
  4. Three books can be issued to every student for fifteen days.
  5. Library I.D and All the books/documents must be returned on or before the end of the Academic Session. Failing which MarkSheet, TC/ P.C will not be issued.
  6. In case of loss of Library I.D a duplicate may be issued on Payment of ₹ 50/- INR
  7. Students can access Internet only for collecting relevant study materials concerned with Academics.
  1. The College Teaching Staff are allowed to borrow 10(ten) books at a time for one Semester
  2. All the books are to be returned on or before due date.
  1. Non-Teaching Staff are allowed to borrow three books for 30 days
  2. Any outsider or temporary staff who is willing to borrow Library book should deposit ₹ 1000/- INR

The above Library Rules may be altered or amended any time if deemed necessary. In case of violation of Rules, Strict action will be taken.


The total number of volume in the library is at present 13,011. Most of the financial sources came from UGC funding, and donations received from college benefactors time and again.

The following are the list of books in different departments:

1. Political Science – 816
2. Law – 129
3. Public Administration – 129
4. History – 1373
5. Sociology – 245
6. Economics – 923
7. Education – 960
8. Psychology – 103
9. Geography – 524
10. Geology – 79
11. Bachelor of Computer Application – 482
12. Physics – 522
13. Mathematics – 485
14. Botany – 332
15. Mizo – 1186
16. Zoology – 282
17. Chemistry – 313
18. English – 1976
19. General – 477
20. Reference – 623
21. UGC Coaching – 1052
22. Periodicals (Journals) – 10
23. News Letter – 3
24. Local News Paper – 3