The Eco-club, Govt Champhai College is established in the year 2017 under National Corp. The main objective of eco club is to create awareness and impart knowledge of biodiversity conservation and local environmental issues among students and to create a clean and green consciousness among students through various innovative methods.

Faculty In-charge of Eco-club

 Green Teachers

  1. Dr C Laldawngliana (Asso Prof. Dept of Chemistry)
  2. Dr Zothansangi (Asst Prof. Dept of Zoology)

Committee Members:

  1. Ms Rebecca  Lalhmingmawii ( Dept of Economics)
  2. 2. Mr Lalventluanga ( Dept of Botany)
  3. Mr J Lalramnghaka ( Dept of Physics)
  4. Mr Kapchhunga ( Dept of Chemistry)
  5. Mrs Joney Lalnunpuii Pachuau ( Dept of Botany)
  6. Mrs Rosangzuali Varte ( Dept of Botany)
  7. Ms Hmingsangzuali ( Dept of English)
  8. Mr Lalremruata Sailo (Dept of Geography)
  9. Mrs Vanlalkroshlui (Dept of Mathematics)
  10. Mrs Zorinsangi (Dept of English)
  11. Mrs Lalthanpuii Ralte (Dept of Commerce)

Initially, 28 students got registered and represented each of their classes and  registration is opened for any interested students.


1. Observation of World Earth Day, 2018

            ~District Level Competition on Drawing & Essay Writing was organized.

            ~ Seminar on the theme “ End Plastic Pllution” was held in collaboration with District Forest Office & Champhai Nature Conservancy.

2. Tree Planting Project

            ~ The club participated in Project Tlaizawng under CNC where Cherry blossom saplings were planted & adopted in and around the college Campus every planting seasons since 2017

3. Cleanliness Drive

            ~Trash Picking and Campus clean-up Programme including awareness on Harmful effects of Plastic Use at the beginning of every academic sessions.