It is hereby notified to all concerned that the Mock Exam for candidates of Odd Semester Undergraduate Examinations 2020 will be conducted to familiarize with online mode of exam with MCQ pattern as scheduled below:

  1. 15th December, 2020 ( 11:00AM – 01:00PM ) – 5th Semester (Regular and Repeater)
  2. 16th December, 2020 ( 11:00AM – 01:00PM ) – 3rd Semester (Regular and Repeater)
  3. 17th December, 2020 ( 11:00AM – 01:00PM ) – 1st Semester (Regular and Repeater)

onwards but will be active from 11:00AM.

  1. Candidates are only allowed to use user_id and password provided by the University, Password cannot be changed. Format of password is DDMMYYYY (without any other character) as their date of birth of the candidate.
  2. Candidate should attempt all the MCQ in the Mock Exam and they can move forward or backward (Navigate) wherever they want. No limits for correction of attempting each question within the time frame.
  3. The candidate must turn off Sleep Mode to their Desktop/Laptop which is going to be used for examinations and disable Screen Time Out to their Mobile or other devises also.
  4. Candidate should click Save and Next button after choosing/answering each Questions.
  5. After completion of the 75 no. of MCQ, the candidate should submit his/her online examination by clicking Submit button.


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