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The department of Zoology was established in the year 1995 for under graduate course Bachelor of Science (BSc). The courses are split-up into semester.

Zoology as a career provides number of specializations because of which the students are presented with a plethora of career options once they chose to be associated with this field. This field is concerned with the preservation and management of animal kingdom and a career in it would mean that you are a part of that responsibility.

A zoologist might even get to travel because the nature of his / her job. Channels like National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel are in constant need of Zoologists for research and documentaries. Zoologists are also hired for zoos, wildlife services, botanical gardens, conservation organizations, national parks, nature reserves, universities, laboratories, aquariums, animal clinics, fisheries and aquaculture, museums, research, pharmaceutical Companies, veterinary hospitals, etc.


Dr. DN Harit
Vanlalruata HnamteDesignationAssociate Professor
QualificationsM.Scm PhD
Experiences26 Years
Date of Joining this college**
Mrs. Zothantluangi
JH LalmuanpuiiDesignationAssociate Professor
SpecializationsCell Biology & Immunology
Experiences22 Years
Date of Joining this college**
Mr. R. Tlanghmingthanga
Vanlalruata HnamteDesignationAssistant Professor
SpecializationsGeneral Zoology
Experiences14 Years
Date of Joining this college**
Dr. Zothansangi
JH LalmuanpuiiDesignationAssistant Professor
QualificationsM.Sc, PhD
Adaptions and Metabolic
Regulators (MSc)
Molecular Entomology (PhD)
Experiences6 Years
Date of Joining this college**


First Semester
ZL-IBiosystematics and Biology of Non-chordatesTheory & Practical
Second Semester
ZL-IIBiology of Chordates and Comparative AnatomyTheory & Practical
Third Semester
ZL-IIIEvolution and BehaviorTheory & Practical
Fourth Semester
ZL-IVEndrocrinology and Reproduction BiologyTheory & Practical
Fifth Semester
ZL-VCell BiologyTheory & Practical
ZL-VIAnimal PhysiologyTheory & Practical
ZL-VIIBiochemistryTheory & Practical
Optional (Any one from below)
ZL-VIII(A)Applied ZoologyTheory & Practical
ZL-VIII(B)EntomologyTheory & Practical
ZL-VIII(C)Conservation BiologyTheory & Practical
Sixth Semester
ZL-IXMolecular Biology and GeneticsTheory & Practical
ZL-XDevelopmental BiologyTheory & Practical
ZL-XIParasitology and ImmunologyTheory & Practical
Optional (Any one from below)
PH604(a)Biotechnology and BioinformaticsTheory & Practical
PH604(b)Animal Ecology and WildlifeTheory & Practical
PH604(i)FisheriesTheory & Practical

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