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  1. Name of the Department Commerce
    Year of Establishment 2016
    Name of the Programme provided UG with Core subject in Commerce
    Interdisciplinary courses
    System Semeseter – CBCS


The Department of Commerce was started in the year 2016 with one faculty and 20 students. It has been established with a vision to prepare future business leaders of the country. The department takes pride in its teaching and learning facilities, comprehensive curriculum and entrepreneurship development. Besides the curriculum, the department focuses on personality development, leadership traits to groom future managers. The department discipline has an in-house incubation center which assists the aspiring entrepreneurs to work on their dream projects from conception to completion.

The programme aims at developing accounting, managerial and organizational skills in the learners, and also to promote entrepreneurial skills. The programme opens up a plethora of career and higher study opportunities including company secretaries, chartered accountants, cost/ work accountants, banking, finance and management.

Commerce department provides an enabling environment to help its students stand out both academically and in shaping them to an overall balanced personality both in terms of the college’s vision and today’s competitive environment. The faculty of commerce specialised in varied aspects of Commerce and Management – in areas like Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Taxation and Corporate/Business Laws and International Business- hone the academic skills of students enrolled in its undergraduate courses. Additionally, the department places emphasis on hands on learning through projects, internships, seminars and workshops of field level experts drawn from both academia and industry.



Runu Patgiri Hnamte
Runu Patgiri Hnamte Designation Assistant Professor (Parttime)
Qualifications M.Com
Specializations Accountancy, Tally, Statistic
Experiences 3 Years
Date of Joining this college July 01, 2016


JH Lalmuanpuii
JH Lalmuanpuii Designation Assistant Professor (Parttime)
Qualifications M.Com
Specializations Management
Experiences 2 Years
Date of Joining this college Jan 16, 2017


Vanlalruata Hnamte
Vanlalruata Hnamte Designation Assistant Professor (Parttime)
Qualifications M.C.A | NET
Specializations Computer Networking
Experiences 2 Years
Date of Joining this college July 01, 2017


Vanlalruata Hnamte Designation Assistant Professor (Parttime)
Qualifications M.Com | NET
Experiences 1 Year
Date of Joining this college July 01, 2018

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Course Code Name of Subjects Type
First Semester
BC/1/FC/01 English Paper Theory
BC/1/CC/02 Fundamentals of Accounting Theory
BC/1/CC/03 Business Organisation & Management Theory
BC/1/CC/04 Computer Application in Business Theory
BC/1/CC/04P Computer Application in Business Practical
Second Semester
BC/2/FC/05 Gender Sensitization / English Paper – II Theory
BC/2/CC/06 Functional Areas of Business Theory
BC/2/CC/07 Cost Accounting Theory
BC/2/CC/08 Banking & Insurance Theory
Third Semester
BC/3/FC/09 History of Science / Language Paper (MIL) Theory
BC/3/CC/10 Indian Economy Theory
BC/3/CC/11 Management Accounting Theory
BC/3/CC/12 Business Regulatory Framework Theory
Fourth Semester
BC/4/FC/13 Environment Studies Theory
BC/4/CC/14 Entrepreneurship Theory
BC/4/CC/14P Entrepreneurship – Project Work Practical
BC/4/CC/15 Industrial and Company Law Theory
BC/4/CC/16 Quantitative Techniques Theory
Fifth Semester
BC/5/CC/17 Business Economics Theory
BC/5/CC/18 Income Tax Law and Practice Theory
BC/5/CC/19 Indian Financial System Theory
BC/5/CC/20 Optional Paper – 1 BC/5/CC/16 F/M/E* Theory
BC/5/CC/20P Optional Paper – 1 BC/5/CC/16 /E* Practical
Elective – I (Any one from below)
BC/5/CC/16 F Financial Management  T + P
BC/5/CC/16 M Principles of Marketing  T + P
BC/5/CC/16 E Internet & WWW  T + P
Sixth Semester
BC/6/CC/21 Auditing & Corporate Governance Theory
BC/6/CC/22 Financial Accounting Theory
BC/6/CC/23 Corporate Accounting Theory
BC/6/CC/24 Optional Paper – 2 BC/6/CC/24 F/M/E* Theory
BC/6/CC/24P Optional Paper – 2 BC/6/CC/24 /E* Practical
Elective – II (Any one from below)
BC/6/CC/24 F Capital Market Operations T + P
BC/6/CC/24 M Agricultural & Rural Marketing  T + P
BC/6/CC/24 E Essentials of E-Commerce  T + P