Govt Champhai College is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference. The mission of “Govt. Champhai College” is to evolve, synthesize, and spread the power of knowledge to arm the new millennium through world-class initiatives and academic practices that focus on the overall development of students. The college has slowly and surely has progressed from its inception and reached the status as it is today. One may even have a feeling of sentimentality on one hand. Struggling through hardships and drawbacks at every quarter, an immature has become matured. The following success report has highlighted just that.


Govt Champhai College is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference Accepts applications from prospective Note that the tours are booked well in advance and only a certain difference to the community.

Our Campus

With all Streams (BA, BCA, BCom & BSc) provided by Mizoram University for Undergraduate Program, we are having a big campus. Students can avail books from the library, from all variety and subjects, a reading section/room, and also facilitate with Computer Systems. We have a big multipurpose hall for any kind of college activities and so on. Whether the hostel needs to be accommodated, we do have for boys and girls separately in the College premise. We also have Seminar Hall where students can attend a seminar conducted externally or internally anytime. What you are still waiting for? Come, visit us.


Start your day the right way with a College Café breakfast. Govt Champhai College has one of the most excellent Café available at Champhai in the College premise itself.It opens from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Our Teachers

Govt Champhai College’s teachers and staff are committed to creating a customized learning experience for every student. For Govt Champhai College’s teachers, delivering the right mix of challenge and support starts with getting to know their students not only as learners but as people. Each of our teachers invests personally in their students’ success, applying their own considerable skills along with progressive teaching methods. We also recognize that teachers are learners, too, which is why Govt Champhai College takes a job-embedded approach to professional development. We do provide Skill Development, Language Add-on Courses, Computer Concept Courses, and many more.


NAAC (National Accreditation and Assessment Council), a body under an umbrella of UGC, has sent peer team on March 23, 2004, to inspect the college under a 9-point scale grading system, in which the college secured 70-75 marks to attain a grade “B”, to become one of the lesser colleges in India which can have such status. The accreditation is valid for 5 years, extendable to 2 years. Such a feat was achieved through the guidance of the then principal Shri V. Suakbuanga and IQAC Coordinator, Shri C. Lalsiamthanga (who is now Asso. Professor), with utmost commitment and cooperation from all the staff of the college. Govt Champhai College was re-accredited B++ Grade by NAAC in 2016, actually the best among Mizoram Colleges. We are thrilled to be joining such a welcoming, vibrant, and positive community, and we look forward to working with staff, parents and students to forward the values and goals that are important to us all.